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APRIL 2024 Pool Update

We are officially OPEN FOR THE 2024 SWIMMING SEASON!!!


Some notes:

  • 15 table/chair sets and 12 loungers are now available

  • each grilling station now has its own prep table

  • a few more umbrellas and stands will be ordered and available in the coming week

  • for your comfort, the pool is heated to a temperature of 82 degrees

  • lifeguards will be on duty starting on June 6 (the day after school end)

  • remember to collect your pool items before you leave (especially anything that floats so that we don't clog the filtration system)


May warmer temperatures be upon us soon!


More info:

  1. Clubhouse TV usage/protocol rules

  2. We have club t-shirts.  They are available for $25 each.  A board member can sell them to you (via Venmo) if you see one of them at the swim club.

  3. Club courtesy reminders:

    • Reserve your parties via this form

    • If you see something, say something.  This is your club!

    • Leave the club as you found it...please clean up spilled food and return furniture that was moved

    • Umbrellas...wind them down when you leave

    • Used pizza boxes, please take them home, as they take up too much space in the bins

    • Bins:  recyclables have had a lot of trash in them lately.  please only place cans, bottles and other recyclables in the blue bins.  Everything else (food, diapers, etc.) should be placed in the black bins

  4. is where you keep your family contact information updated with the Swim Club. If you change phone numbers, email addresses, etc. please update your contact information.


See you at the club!


Glenview Board of Directors

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