Glenview Swim Club

Danville's Family-friendly Neighborhood Recreation Club

About Our Club:

You’ve found Danville’s family-friendly recreation club, best known for our large pool. There’s fun to be had year-round as members also enjoy a basketball court, pickleball court, and clubhouse with air hockey, table tennis, and foosball amenities. Browse our website and feel free to sign up for the New Member Waitlist if this Club looks like a good fit for your family…while we can’t accommodate everybody, we do our very best to balance a welcoming atmosphere with a ceiling on the memberships allocated at any particular time. This ensures everybody has a special experience when it’s their turn to become a member/owner of this local gem!

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All Are Welcome!

Glenview is a private recreation club, but not part of any HOA. All are welcome, whether you live in the neighborhood or a short drive away. Many of our Member Families appreciate most that we don’t host any swim team, meaning you, your kids, and your guests can enjoy the pool all day long!!

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Where to Find Us…

We are located in the Greenbrook neighborhood of Danville, California at 173 Paraiso Drive (just west of the Iron Horse Trail) between the aforementioned trail and Paraiso Court. From the street look for the sign below and the parking lot entrance on the south side of Paraiso.

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Glenview is a private recreation club, but not exclusive by any stretch of the imagination. Our only limitation is how many families are allowed to own a share of the facility (we each own an equal stake in the facility as shared-owners). Glenview’s Board aims to balance consistent availability of seating/shade/open space for existing Member Families with maximum acceptance of new folks as is possible. The guiding principle is not overwhelming the roughly 1.67 acre plot and ensuring Glenview remains the special community gathering space it’s become over the years. While a waitlist is currently in-place, each January some families realize their circumstances have changed and make their share available so you can take their slot when your turn arrives. Beyond the 5%-10% of annual turnover, some families circumstances change in the course of any calendar year, meaning that slots open up sporadically all year-round. Come walk the property with our Membership Secretary and find out why others are waiting years to get into the Club when you learn about the robust mix of amenities and the casual atmosphere we prize so dearly within the gates of Glenview Swim Club.

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